Lost religion-Freedom Found (Still-born Dreams)

It was still-born dreams
I gleaned for understanding for the discomfort
Maybe displacement,
Maybe I was finally facing what I knew was always there
Now I stare into the eyes of aborted expectations
Passions spurned, deflated
Hope deferred, complacent
In the basement of my mind
No intellect can stretch to the sublime
I was in need of
I ejected from the message
A lost investment,
Time to reconsider.

So I gathered my trust like garments
I boxed up the belongings of my beliefs
Evicted from true reality
I sought solace in sane things

Thinking… if church is simply charity
There’s no cure for the malady of belonging
And if the gates of hell can prevail
Maybe we’ve made our home in a kingdom we don’t belong

Reworded the message
Found security in Caesars incentives and
Fought freedoms that place us at the mercy of a god we can control

What if our Moses’s are Aaron’s in disguise
And we’ve never known the presence enough to sense the difference?

I grew cold from the repetition
 Mixing business and worship
 Love and lust, God and gold
 The service froze my potency

I retracted my expressions
Wounded heart
Guessing where I could fit in
My real was too ideal
An awkward mammoth among men
Extinct in my train of thought
So I thought.

I caught a flight South
Then West
Then East.
South again
Where my pen came alive and
I’d dive into verbs
Word and reword
What I felt
Or failed to feel
As I healed.

This was my detox.

 And I never felt the cold turkey
Nor the remorse of my leave
Just the sound of barren leaves
Crushed underfoot
These were the pieces of me,
Scattered parts
1-A heart too ambitious
2-Arms too passionate
3-Legs too determined for the task
I’d unmask myself in the doing
Then found my face in renewing identity
I never thought pursuing deconstruction
Would reflect a hurt so good

So I stood. Naked, again.

This time more bare than before
This time no care in the world
That swallowed up my ideas of the holy
I was unfolding shallow logic
Deposits of my naive consumption
But I let the scales fall
And I saw like Saul
I had mistaken my enemy
Timidly finding the rhythm of trust
Until I thrust myself beyond the knowing
He was showing me how my glory was assaulted

Freedom came from mountaintops
And I found I could never fit where I wasn’t meant to be
Now I can see the treasures of my heart
I traded pews for evergreens
I abandoned feedback for birds songs
The open air makes things more clear now
And I hear the voice I always needed the most
Trekking through the wood
The unbeaten path of paradox
Inconvenience in adventure
Following the voice that leads me beyond knowing…
Lost-religion, Freedom-found.

All In (The Cross Mount Dora)

Got a chance to work with Lang Film Company on a piece for  The Cross Mount Dora. I was tasked to craft a poem that embodied the Church’s mission statement using material from the Pastor’s messages. All footage was shot by Kevin Lang of the Lang Film Company, directed through a creative collaboration of myself, Kevin Lang and  mainly Mark Crossman of The Cross. This was a fun project, I got a chance to unleash my inner pyro, especially Mark Crossman. Great collaboration.

All In Transcript

If you would like words crafted for a promo, wedding, or funeral, fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to comment below on what you thought of the poem. Cheers.

She Knows Me

Faint flutters in my chest

Unpredictable palpitations of my heart

Lungs… Can’t. quite, catch; their rhy-thm.

Her voice like a sacred tune, I swoon over

Exposure embedded in our tongues

Unsure of her song, but it knows me.

Loathing another goodbye

With soft pleas and comedic cries

We were never meant to separate

She can calm the seas that rage in me

And I can sail the ocean of her heart, yet

It’s only the start. It’s only the start, but she knows me.




The thought of you
A torrent tumbling over
Over-turning the bareness of me

I was a parched path
Grooves in my heart had grown dry
Yet, you rushed into places untouched

You brought about a purity
Liquefying, refreshing, bringing life
To a death that I didn’t know died

You’re eroding the borders of me
Deepening the depths. A meandering monsoon,
And I’m overwhelmed by your presence.

Come Alive Again


I hadn’t been myself
I was wrapped in stealth.
Trying to find where I fit in

Displacement brought confusion
And I wrestled with illusions of my past.
The system couldn’t gauge my worth

I fumbled my identity
In a rumble with the enemy.
He tried to convince me what mattered most

I reconnected with my deeper parts
Humbled among the meek in heart
Refreshed by genuine community. I’ve come alive again.


Ethereal Metamorphosis

She said, “I’m a caterpillar in transition,
In a loom, consumed in isolation”
He said, “I’m patient…”

So he’s waiting and she aching
Shaking off the casing of her former self
Expanding into unknown territory

He’s expecting. Reflecting. Investing in hope
Hoping his expectations are not his own
While she groans in becoming

Becoming more of who she always was, is, will be.
Hid in a cocoon, heaven’s loom, God’s hands,
Never man’s to hold, enclosed in ethereal metamorphosis.

Adore the Mystery


Adore the mystery in silence

Where science and logic fail

And reverence pales in comparison to existent things


Adore the mystery of undignified foolishness

Where kingly robes and common clothes are the same

And rulers lift their voices like madmen in praise


Adore the mystery in silence

When peace grows from violence

As Pilate asks, “what is truth?”


Adore the mystery

That no history can grasp

Future, present, past, the mystery outlasts


-Travis T.


Remember we said goodbye?
At the train station,
I remained patient, but war waged underneath

Trapped in paradox.
To stay… I couldn’t keep you
To leave..I may never lose you

And I desire to never lose you
So I moved through cities
Torn in two places. Airports. New faces.

Departing from a heart that’s home
I’ve never grown used to this…
I pray for the day you come and go with me.