Order and Essence

Normally I’m composed
My brain froze through a cold winter
Splintered visions of order and essence

Too much focus on acceptance
I neglected God’s investment
Him in me and I in Him

I let other voices interrupt
corrupt passions of those who cared
I’m scared to trust again. Rewind

I was lying in a lie and then
Truth came, to say
You can’t contain who I am in you.


2 thoughts on “Order and Essence

  1. Hey, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me.

    I’m trying to understand the Good.

    I believe in God, and believe everything happens for a reason.

    I have come across your poem and it speaks to me.

    “Too much focus on acceptance
    I neglected God’s investment
    Him in me and I in Him”

    I was wandering if you would be willing to elaborate. Do you think that mankind struggles with acceptance as a collective? I can’t help but feel this is extremely underlying in our nature on so many levels. as individuals, as a collective.

    I was also pondering over a couple of other thoughts while reading this poem.

    *the good gives us pleasure,
    *but the pleasure isn’t good, (or isn’t what good is) because too much pleasure causes pain
    *The bad gives us pain
    *But the pain is not bad because to much pain causes pleasure.

    I know that last one sounds strange at first, but I ask you to think on it for a moment first.

    I just wanted to hear what you think about what I’ve stated in this comment.

    I love your poem, it was really thought provoking. Its amazing how I accidentally stumbled on you through a random google search.

    I write poems too, I would like to share them with you if you are willing to read 🙂 but no problem if you don’t. Life is chaos.


    Thank you for sharing such awesome words. I’m a subscriber now.

    1. Hey Shaun, its always good to meet another poet, cheers man. I’d love to read some of your stuff, just send it through the contact page email (travist@paradoxandpoetry.com).

      You asked:
      Do you think that mankind struggles with acceptance as a collective?

      To answer plainly, yes because every individual man and woman struggles with acceptance. It only exist in the collective because it first has it origin in our individual hearts, the same with all vices and virtues of society. Nothing makes it to the collective without first being an inclination in the human heart. If we pick acceptance apart it is the desire to be recognized, this is an innate desire for us all, it is natural and good. However the ways in which we seek recognition can either helps us become more whole or hurt us. From utter dependency to adulthood we seek adequate recognition in every stage, its a natural part of identity and relationship.

      As far as your epigram on pleasure and pain, it all depends on the context of what you’re talking about, the context. Too much pleasure of what?, or too much pain from what>, ya know what I mean? Check out my poem “Paradox” and “Wanderers” I play with the play paradox of pleasure and pain in both of them. Good dialogue man, thanks for the interest and the subscription, have much more on the way and a book releasing soon. You can order a print of this poem from my Etsy shop, have one left in print. Cheers.

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