Gypsies glimpsing glory evading our grasp

Fighting to capture the illusions of land

That flee us, as soon as we feel it’s finally ours

So draw lines on this map to make me feel like I belong

Yet all along, I long for something more

But because I wrestle with my displacement

I’ll displace my neighbors at war,

Because at my core I’ve lost the biggest battle.

But give me something to hold or

Something to mold or control

With my own hands

Because I’ve failed to manipulate and impress myself

Internally learning me is like a ship without a sail

So I’ll sell all I can to measure my self-worth

But it’s worthless without a compass or an anchor for my soul

Now I’ll spend myself, and I’ll spend this wealth

And I’ll spin this wheel and go nowhere at all.  


The uncommon waters of my identity.


I find I’m searching because I’m hurting

And I’m hurting because I’m searching

Working to appease the lurking nomad

Under the surface of myself

And they say home is where the heart is…


But rapture is captured in the capsule of this heart

So where I end I start,

Infinity trapped in finite space until the case of this displaced man

Is broken, seals opened, as I’m

Choking on His presence with new lungs!!

Pulling on heaven like an anvil above my head, desiring to shatter

The hollow shell of me, knowing

The substance lies underneath this hell in me

Yet deep groanings of the

Spirit telling me, “endure,

For home is on its way.”

So I’m spreading hope like a contagion

Raging against the temporary gratifications of this life

Telling the nations that displacement is normal

No matter where you go near or far


The spirit of adoption cropped in

The frame of us, bucking against

The spurs of the spirit taming us

For greater glory…

And it’s the same old story

A prodigal people searching for Eden’s gates

Displaced and afraid until we come to ourselves

And realize that service in our father’s house

Is far greater

Yet relying on our sight we wrestle our own flesh and blood

Projecting the inner me on an enemy

In futile hopes to tame ourselves

Vanity of Vanities says the preacher!!

Grasping the wind, clutching the waves

Stuck and afraid to admit,

We’re lost in translation

Living life inside a bubble

Books like rubble stacked on our shelves

Yet, the more we learn, we grow to discern that

Nothing can be earned here. Vanities!


 Vanity of vanities, profanities of logic

Insanity deposited from men we choose to honor.

Continually Compounding confusion through unfounded solutions

Enduring reasons contusions

Dazed by the illusions that our happiness is the end of all we all!!


Failing to see peace is gained in perseverance

That pleasure is purified in pain,

Neither pacifists nor masochists

But activists for a kingdom beyond sight

So, I stretch my mind to transcend time

And go beyond light,

From the light of the sun to the life of the Son

Residing in His presence the essence of home  

No longer prone to wander for significance but resting in his imminence

The photosynthesis of a hidden kingdom

Where the oxygen of life is Christ and,

Christ is life and,

Death is gain and,

Stress and pain are ingredients to see more!

And the reason to see more, is to be more

More of what were created “to be” in I am.  

So I’m Leaving the shadow of what is tangible

For an intangible world I can see more clearly,

I said,

I’m Leaving the shadow of what is tangible

For an intangible world I can see more clearly

Yeah, I’ll go and wander there,

I’ll go and wander there…

-Travis Thomas (Wanderers)



The thought of you
A torrent tumbling over
Over-turning the bareness of me

I was a parched path
Grooves in my heart had grown dry
Yet, you rushed into places untouched

You brought about a purity
Liquefying, refreshing, bringing life
To a death that I didn’t know died

You’re eroding the borders of me
Deepening the depths. A meandering monsoon,
And I’m overwhelmed by your presence.

Blending In


Blending In

What do you do?
When tattered clothing is the fashion
And passion is a joke?

You choke on words to regurgitate
What needs to be heard, though absurd,
You tell the naked that their clothes look great.

You escape through conformity
No deviation from the normalcy of adulthood.
Find a box and close your cosmos quickly!

But I’d rather walk the moon in my childish imagination
So, I speak comfort to bottle what I can’t say,
Knowing heaven is making me human in the purest way.

Grasp All Things With Open Hands

Grasp all things with open hands

A life of smoke and sinking sand

To not be held or clutched in fear

But clenched with hands tossed to the air

Grasp all things with open hands

For nothing’s here to stay

And when you feel you’ve seized the most

It’s soon to fade away

Grasp all things with open hands

Hold nothing here too tight

For when it’s seems the sun is set

The dusk proceeds to night

Grasp all things with open hands

Your time to train goes fast

For when that boy becomes a man

Your steps will be his path

Grasp all things with open hands

Her beauty fades with time

For no human soul was made to hold

But love creates the bind

So grasp all things with open hands

Let go of heavy loads

Embrace the rest that comes with death

When the door of life swings close

Grasp all things with open hands…

Come Alive Again


I hadn’t been myself
I was wrapped in stealth.
Trying to find where I fit in

Displacement brought confusion
And I wrestled with illusions of my past.
The system couldn’t gauge my worth

I fumbled my identity
In a rumble with the enemy.
He tried to convince me what mattered most

I reconnected with my deeper parts
Humbled among the meek in heart
Refreshed by genuine community. I’ve come alive again.


Ethereal Metamorphosis

She said, “I’m a caterpillar in transition,
In a loom, consumed in isolation”
He said, “I’m patient…”

So he’s waiting and she aching
Shaking off the casing of her former self
Expanding into unknown territory

He’s expecting. Reflecting. Investing in hope
Hoping his expectations are not his own
While she groans in becoming

Becoming more of who she always was, is, will be.
Hid in a cocoon, heaven’s loom, God’s hands,
Never man’s to hold, enclosed in ethereal metamorphosis.

Adore the Mystery


Adore the mystery in silence

Where science and logic fail

And reverence pales in comparison to existent things


Adore the mystery of undignified foolishness

Where kingly robes and common clothes are the same

And rulers lift their voices like madmen in praise


Adore the mystery in silence

When peace grows from violence

As Pilate asks, “what is truth?”


Adore the mystery

That no history can grasp

Future, present, past, the mystery outlasts


-Travis T.

Undressed For Death

We were clothed in light, remember our innocence?
In a sense, we were never created for clothes
Enclosed in love divine.

Sublime thoughts closed inside
Until exposed to lies outside of ourselves.
Expelled from within the best part of self

We had a home in Him
He had a home in us
Now these bones of dust are prone to rust

We’ve lost what was home through lust
And in the flesh we left our rest for death
Undressed from glory’s garments. Naked. Ashamed.


Remember we said goodbye?
At the train station,
I remained patient, but war waged underneath

Trapped in paradox.
To stay… I couldn’t keep you
To leave..I may never lose you

And I desire to never lose you
So I moved through cities
Torn in two places. Airports. New faces.

Departing from a heart that’s home
I’ve never grown used to this…
I pray for the day you come and go with me.

Intentionally Free

Frequently finding myself in flight
Intentional in free fall, now understanding
I’ve never controlled the takeoff

So, less demanding, tentative planning
Knowing my steps are not my own
Never prone to protect pre-constructed paths

Enjoying the wonder of being lost
The thrill of questioning the map
The blossom of security through fear’s failure

Fully persuaded of the intangible
Compounding contempt for temporal restrictions
Frequently finding myself in flight. Intentional free… falling.

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