Desperation aches deep

Loud creaks screech in my rusted soul

The nails froze overtime

Still hung. Longing for movement

Remind me these nails still hold

Frozen from apathy,

Apathy trapping me between stillness

Where an invisible entropy that entered me sits.

Winter fits, but seasons change. Seasons, please change.

Three nails in need of oil, swing open

Remind me why I hang

Winters passed, the hour glass is turned. I’m open to Spring.



She Knows Me

Faint flutters in my chest

Unpredictable palpitations of my heart

Lungs… Can’t. quite, catch; their rhy-thm.

Her voice like a sacred tune, I swoon over

Exposure embedded in our tongues

Unsure of her song, but it knows me.

Loathing another goodbye

With soft pleas and comedic cries

We were never meant to separate

She can calm the seas that rage in me

And I can sail the ocean of her heart, yet

It’s only the start. It’s only the start, but she knows me.




The thought of you
A torrent tumbling over
Over-turning the bareness of me

I was a parched path
Grooves in my heart had grown dry
Yet, you rushed into places untouched

You brought about a purity
Liquefying, refreshing, bringing life
To a death that I didn’t know died

You’re eroding the borders of me
Deepening the depths. A meandering monsoon,
And I’m overwhelmed by your presence.

Adore the Mystery


Adore the mystery in silence

Where science and logic fail

And reverence pales in comparison to existent things


Adore the mystery of undignified foolishness

Where kingly robes and common clothes are the same

And rulers lift their voices like madmen in praise


Adore the mystery in silence

When peace grows from violence

As Pilate asks, “what is truth?”


Adore the mystery

That no history can grasp

Future, present, past, the mystery outlasts


-Travis T.