Jazz (An Ode to Medellin, Colombia)

Palpitations drum and kick my rhythmic heart
Art pops in hidden realms
Seismic shifts and swells
The keynote speaker is feeling
And we all give consent


Spent from days of routine
We let the jazz run wild
In through our ears rumbling in our brains
Untethered through power lines of nerves
Until it exits the other side


We’re lost in the swirls and colors of painting instruments
Distinct hues of oceans blues
Maroon and cartoon cats in over-sized suits
Flip fifty cent pieces palming pocket watches in the other hand
No land is locked when music lights the path
Imagination is elastic and unbreakable


The unorthodox rules the night
Let ourselves take flight from caution
No idea on a destination or distance until an empty tank
We fly blind and just align with the wind
It’ll take us where we need to be and when we need to be there
Care is waiting to catch up and catch us in mayday.


Though shaky we land once again
Every piece finds its place in the end


Because it’s Jazz
Because it’s life


We never fully control who’s coming or going
So the intent is to be unintentional in the moment
Just blend in with what’s moving and make the most of what the mixture is
Before you know it every sound’s profound tune swoons us
We hear how every part finds its place in the Equilibrium
And the liquid noise crashes the canyon walls in a downward rush
Then dwindles with one last pound and thrust of life before it plateaus
Dispersed in unity
We go our separate ways once again.

El Fin.