Paradox |ˈparəˌdäks|


a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory

  • a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true


A fire.

Shut up in my bones

Barreling through my soul

Breaking, yet making me whole. Paradox.

Continually striving for the death of me

Allowing surrender to have the best of me

Until there is nothing left of me and I am found. Paradox.

Pressing into your presence with all my faculties

Your spirit arrests and tackles me

Releasing and unshackling me from all my past regrets. Paradox.

Illogical illusions naturally eluding my logic with toxic solutions, and remedies of life.

Not the toxic wine of the earth, but filled with the intoxicating spirit of truth.

Truth deemed a paradoxical distortion out of proportion to the endorphins

Within the natural man.

But this wine of the spirit leads me to the cliff of who I thought I was

And bids me jump.

This spirit of truth leads me to the waters edge

And bids me drown to the reflection looking back on the surface.  

Jump. Drown. Surrender

So as a child on a counter top

I jump into the arms of my father’s love

And I drown in the warm security of His embrace

Where I find my identity. I belong.

I belong at the edge of me

Where my known meets his unknown

And I’m shown that I’ve been sown

Apart from that which is fleeting. Paradox

Thus, surrender awakens dormant urges to be fully clothed

As I grown fully knowing

All I desire to be exist outside of me

So I’m relinquishing control of my golden calf

Only to grasp for what cannot be held

But that which holds me

That which molds me

That which transforms and grow me

Into a bush that burns yet is not consumed…Paradox.

Now, barefoot on holy ground

Hearing the sounds of His thunder and lightning

Utterly frightening, yet exciting, inviting me to climb

The reverberating question in the spirit of my mind,

“Who shall ascend unto the hill of the Lord?”

Fear snatching the oxygen from my lungs

Replacing it with His presence

As the essence of his person becomes my survival

As I rival the fear of being afraid. Paradox.

Ascension speaking of the death of me yet,

Remaining at the bottom equals settling for a lesser me

That goes through the motions of devotion,

Dead in the worse way.

Choosing between the shame of role-playing

The equivalent to tattered and holey clothing in a blizzard storm; insufficient.

Or conversely, yet the same

Realizing the shame that I was created naked

And the only warm from this world’ storm resides in Him, so I must ascend.


So, in desperation excavating weight to climb quickly

Swiftly, escalating estimating a plan to reach the peak empty.

Created naked from the dust, thus I return to be clothed

I return to known

I return to be shown

That all I’ve been given was meant to be given away!!

…As my earthly man reaches the peak of his decay

While inwardly being renewed day by day. Paradox.


The paradox of purposing to live a strategically death

Attempting to mimic the life of;

A lion that came to be a lamb or,

A king that came to be a servant or,

The life giver that came to give His life? Paradox…

O’ Paradox!

Give me your foolishness that I might be made wise!

Give me your weakness that I might be made strong!

Show me the frailty of this earthen vessel I occupy

And then tell me I can be pressed, but not crushed

I can be persecuted, but not abandoned

I can be continually struck down! Yet, I’m made to be indestructible!

Paradox, please…!?

Show me the illusion is not you, but rather

Everything around me is illusory

And that which I cannot see is more real than the tangible.

Reveal to me utter security could never come

Through that which I can control, and gaining control

Only comes through letting go of things I seem to be

Utterly secure in knowing…


Help me see right side up, in world so upside down


Give me words to tell the world, that no legislation nor occupation

Can appease the insatiable hunger that Eden’s exodus has left in our souls…


And Leads us in the way back O’God

Back to your paradise O’Lord

Back to your presence our King

Back to your paradox our love, where we rightfully belong.  

-Travis Thomas


© ©Paradoxandpoetry